As the creators of GOS, Regina and Pat have a worldview developed from their youth and cultivated throughout their professional careers. From childhood, Regina has appreciated different cultures, an attitude encouraged by her musician father, who spoke about foreign lands he visited on tours around the world. Pat has spent her life working to illuminate how art reflects culture.


Our Mission

Though travel, art and culture have been GOS' inspirations, Regina and Pat's travels made it clear that GOS had another mission: to help struggling communities that economically depend on women's work. Their goals are to help (1) women support their families in order to become economically independent and (2) young girls in developing countries to reach their potential. 

Regina and Pat are real women who look like us and aren’t afraid to travel on unknown paths. Keep on going... we love you!

— Roberta Davis, Los Angeles, California -

What We've Achieved

  • Completed 20 shows aired over 120 countries and on PBS nationally since 2006. 
  • Grannies on Safari shows air on cruise ships around the globe. 
  • Grannies on Safari has been nominated for nine (9) Emmys and one Telly. 
  • Grannies on Safari has won one (1) Emmy and one (1) Telly.
  • The Grannies on Safari are the only "real"characters of the Flat Stanley children's program. 
  • Grannies on Safari has published three (3) children's books, a cookbook, Granny Regina's Favorite International Recipes; and, a the beautiful photo book, Grannies on Safari Photo Journal.   
  • The Grannies are regular contributors to Huffington Post. 
  • Facebook for Grannies on Safari has close to 18,000 friends. 
  • Are travel experts and appear at national and international travel conferences speaking about the travel industry.
  • Grannies on Safari is the longest running and only broadcast travel series hosted by African-American women.