Currently there are 19 segments of Grannies on Safari airing

all over the world.  

Our newest shows are ready for post-production.  The Cuba episode has aired, and we look forward to completing and distributing the remaining episodes. Below is a description of the wonderful places we visited for the Fourth Season. 

The Colors of Cuba

The Grannies explore the cities of Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Old Havana in a unique "people to people" tour of the island. Shrouded in mystery for most Americans, the visit offers a rich Caribbean discovery of cultural exchange. They attend a private jam session with one of the original Buena Vista Social Club musicians, learn to cook traditional black bean soup at a family-run "Palador", and try their hand at making a classic "Cuban Mojito" at the historic Hotel Nacional De Cuba.

Croatia: The Inner Splendor

Instead of the beach, the Grannies head for the back roads of continental Croatia to discover a region rich with artistic, cultural and culinary splendor. They bike through the Baroque city of Varazdin, tour wineries, ride in a Lipizzaner-drawn carriage and try on a Slavonian folk costume and dance! They tour the new Neanderthal museum in Krapina full of artifacts and cool gadgetry, stroll the cobblestone streets of Zagreb, and view the scenics from castles and old forts. And what's a tour without sausage, wine and plenty of carbs! From smoked meats to traditional strukli, the Grannies experience the diversity in this part of the country.

Ireland: The Gathering

2013 was the year of The Gathering, an invitation to renew kinship and celebrate all things Irish -- and so the Grannies packed their bags! In visits to small hamlets like Ardara, they meet a rare last hand-woven tweed makers and dine on top-rated chowder. The duo crisscross the island to climb the legendary Hook and Crook lighthouse, tour the haunted Loftus Hall and stand before the dragon at Lough Eske Castle in Donegal. Watch as they learn about the famous Ross Tapestries, visit the re-created Dunbrody Famine Ship in Wexford. And what is Ireland without a visit to the Kennedy family homestead to meet descendent Patrick Kennedy where he shares his family's legacy.

Russia: Moscow & the Trans-Siberian Railway

The Grannies begin their Trans-Siberian Railway adventure in Moscow - the thriving capital of Russia. They walk through Red Square, admire St. Basil's Cathedral and ride the famous Moscow subway. They board the train and head east to stop in the 1,000-year-old city of Kazan where they get a private tour of the largest mosque in Europe, the Qolsharif Mosque. On to Ekaterinburg - where Europe meets Asia - and in fact, the Grannies place their feet on the boundary to straddle both sides. The charming markets, great food and beautiful scenery make this first leg of the historic Trans-Siberian Railway route a memorable journey.

Tel Aviv & Jaffa: Two Vibrant Israeli Neighborhoods

Tel Aviv welcomes the Grannies with its hip and energetic city life. A must-stop for the duo is the chic new Amir Wing of the striking Tel Aviv Museum of Art. They stroll down popular Shenkin Street and head to Rothschild Boulevard to spot unique Bauhaus architecture. In Jaffa, the Grannies relish in the panoramic view and visit the old port to behold the rocks where, in Greek mythology Perseus rescued Andromeda. Of course, what is Jaffa without a visit to Ilana Goor's Museum to explore her world-famous designer living exhibition? Travel with the Grannies as they dig for cool finds at the popular flea market and later dine on multi-course Mediterranean delights.

Ireland: Belfast and Dublin - Iconic Cities

Travel with the Grannies as discover the new and the old of these two great cities. With a visit to the new world-class Titanic Museum, to shopping at St. George's market and later walking along the famous Peace Wall to learn about "the Troubles," the Grannies soak in the streets of Belfast. Along the way, they visit a country house of a family member whose landscape is that of sheep and rolling hills of green. In Dublin, they raise a glass of Guinness in a church and a museum -- and take part in an intimate literary experience: a pub-crawl with actors recreating the words of famous Irish writers.

Croatia: The Jewels of the Adriatic

This Grannies adventure takes you along Croatia's famed shoreline from top to bottom. A walk through Pula's amphitheater, St. Donat in Zadar and Diocletian's palace in Split highlight how ancient and modern live side by side. They visit UNESCO-protected stone walls and cascading waterfalls, explore the world's smallest town Hum and stay at a real castle in Motovun. They visit an Istrian truffle farm, a first-class winery and legendary oyster farm and basically eat their way down the coast! And of course a stop in Dalmatia's jewel, Dubrovnik, where they climb the medieval wall, try on folk costumes, listen to traditional Klapa singing and cool their feet in the clear, blue Adriatic Sea.


Mongolia and China:  The Land of Genghis Khan 

The Grannies journey over 6,000 miles to experience the historic route of the Trans-Siberian Railway aboard the luxurious Zaren Gold train. They capture the sights and sounds of a land once ruled by iconic emperor Genghis Khan, other conquering dynasties and legendary horsemen. They drink tea with a local woman in a typical Mongolian Ger and visit the bustling capital of Ulan Baatar. Later, they take a ride in a traditional rickshaw to see the ancient Houtang neighborhoods of Beijing and enjoy District 798 – a happening area with trendy shops, galleries, and coffee shops.


Israel: A Spiritual Journey

The Grannies walk through sacred streets, ride on horseback along the Sea of Galilee and immerse themselves in the spiritual essence of the one and only - Jerusalem.  Join them as they visit Masada, the Baha'i Shrine and the moving Yad Vashem - Holocaust Museum. Every step through this region provokes memories that will last a lifetime.